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Recipe - Cake from recovery !...
Written by Dad   


Recipe - Cake from recovery !...

Do you know what we mean by Cake from recovery ? ...




Cake from recovery ! ...

Do you know what we mean by recovery from cake ? ..

Simple .

We advanced a Pandoro or Panettone ? ... Rinfreschiamolo and create a beautiful cake without spending anything! ....



  1. Stick or Pandoro

  2. Custard - Crema Pasticcera

  3. Powdered sugar


First Rule : cleaning! ... See: How to Clean Hands




Let's say there is a pretty advanced Panettone , Pandoro , or a table and we want to serve in an alternative way , recycling ...

Well , just add a little Custard - Crema Pasticcera  and serve it with imagination! ...

We prepare our horizontal slices of Panettone or Pandoro , Washers and forming stars . If it is a bit ' dry you can sprinkle with a mixture of water and liquor , or water , and sugar.

Place it in a baking pan and flambé a bit ' in the oven (up to 10 minutes at 180/200 degrees).

Serve warm ! ...

 Dolce da Recupero

Cake by Recovery ... cut Pandoro or Panettone stellino or tendons, or fiammare toast in the oven (max 10 minutes) and serve with cream and icing sugar . You can add berries or dried fruit.




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