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Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

  Gatto NineNineNine danza ... Gatto NineNineNine danza ... Gatto NineNineNine danza ...  

Want to see some pictures of my little dance ?...


Dance 2012


   Gatto NineNineNine danza come un fiocco di neve ...  

If there is one thing that gives me happiness this is the Dance. When I plunge into the fabulous world of the stage, wearing light costumes, wrapped in sweet melodies, I seem to be like a little snowflake, pink. Cat NineNineNine

  Gatto NineNineNine mentre danza Kalinka ....  

Often the music takes you to far away places, takes you through different cultures. At this very moment I play Kalinka.

[If you want to see what it is, click here .]

  Gatto NineNineNine - danza  

 I would like to say many things about Dance, I would like to get involved in the emotions that gives, I'd like you to share in what it feels like ... but the words are often not enough to do it. A little tip, whenever you have occasion: dancing.



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