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Washing machine
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   


Searching ... The washer or washing machine is a machine used for washing fabrics, a kitchen appliance present in almost all the houses ...



Washing machine


The washer or washing machine is a machine used for washing fabrics , a kitchen appliance present in almost all homes .

For the washing of fabrics is used the water to which the detergents are added .

Among the household washing machine is the one that has most changed the way we live everyday , as before, hand wash , it was very tiring and absorbing a large amount of energy and time, especially by women .

There are two types of washing machine :

• A charge on the other, where the loading door is placed on the upper part of the machine ;

• A front office , where instead the loading door is on the front .

It is no coincidence that it was a woman who invented this machine ( Alva Fisher) . At that time, the role of women was changing considerably and certainly the washing machine was the solution to several problems for women.

The evolution of the washing machine in recent years has been marked by two important factors :

1 . There are more and more washing programs to low temperatures, which almost completely abolish the " pre-wash " .

2 . Detergents today reduces the time and the wash action .

Once you open the loading door you can see the real " heart" of the appliance, which is the washing tank , a water -tight container in which you enter the fabrics and detergents .

On the bottom of the tank is an electrical resistance that is very similar to a water heater . Its purpose is to heat the water to the desired temperature.

Inside the tank there is the rotary drum whose walls are perforated to allow the exit of the water due to centrifugal force when the drum rotates , which rotates due to an electric motor .

Then there are the various containers for detergent and any products.

Thanks to a solenoid valve , the tank is loaded with water up to the level established by the level sensor .

For the selection of the washing cycle and the desired temperature , there is the PBX programming .

The discharge of the dirty water is carried out thanks to the drain pump which leads to a filter residues accessible to the user .

The machine shall be located on a hard floor and floor , without resting it against the wall to avoid problems during washing. In order to keep the machine in good condition it is necessary to periodically clean the exhaust filter .

The evolution of the washing machine is in constant motion , starting from the first types of wooden washing machines which were operated by a knob which was cranked by hand , with time , we have come to today's models , more dynamic, modern and which do not use manual, but the electric energy .

There are also some models of washing machine " futuristic " that have USB or Wi-Fi devices to be connected to home automation systems , or the science that deals with the technologies to improve the quality of life in the house.


The energy classes of a washing machine that is on average 2 washes per week:

A. < 247 KWh

B. 247-299 KWh

C. 299-351 KWh

D. 351-403 KWh

E. 403-455 KWh

F. 455-507 KWh

G. > 507 KWh


Energy class: A

Power consumption: 102 KWh

Maximum load capacity : 6 kg

Water consumption : 49 liters

It has:

• Front Loading

• Centrifuge with maximum speed up to 1200 rpm

• Door with a porthole window

Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 58 cm. (H x W x D)



Research done by Cat NineNineNine

in January 2013 (but still current)


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