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Tale of Gatto NineNineNine - Ingress
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

  Febbraio 2013 ... This is my new story: Ingress Febbraio 2013 ... This is my new story: Ingress  

This is my new story ... Ingress

          I'm sorry for the automatic dyslexic translation

 Racconto di Gatto NineNineNine - Ingress   



"I told her that I do not care of its laws!"

"Ma'am, calm down ... We can not start the research before ..."

"Oh ... Oh, please ... You've already said many times! ... I want my son! ... NOW! ..."

"Please calm down lady Misseltwaith! ..."

"It's okay ..." The woman said, standing up abruptly. Became red in the face. "It will mean that I will try it by myself! ... With or without your help." He added as he took her purse.

"Please do not panic! ..." He tried to calm her down a cop.

But Mrs. Misseltwaith was already out the door to the office.

"Eh ... How do contain a good mind of a frightened mother for her child?" He said to himself 'and whether' the Commissioner placing your feet straddling each other over the desk and his arms folded behind her neck, sighing dozed off.

The mother had every reason in the world to get out in a hurry, his son Richard, had disappeared for days, strangely together with the kitten home Nineninenine. The name a bit 'strange had chosen Richard when he was no more than three years old, at that age for him was a' company say sensible words, so when he saw the cat in the mantle tinged with blue, he said:

"Mom! ... You Nineninenine! ..." From that moment the cat had become a member of the family.

Richard did not never separated, possible that they were fled of their own accord? ....

Miss. Misseltwaith had very clear ideas, it would be left to his research, taking of course everything you need for the trip! ...

Knowing his son initially scoured all the places where they were most likely to find it: the pastry Ninnoli where he stopped every morning going to school admiring those wonderful cakes and pastries decorated with such care, the toy store Johny's Toys and of course the little house on ' tree where he had already secretly several times to escape the family dinners. An escape to avoid being strategic squeeze the cheeks from all the aunts, for which, for some time, it was like a ritual.

Nothing to do, Richard was not ... The Lady Inde Misseltwaith, headed in the only place left where the guy could have been caught, by Luciano.

Richard regarded him as a grandfather because he had always been close. Since he was about five years old, consoled him and told him also of great stories; stories of his adventurous life, his life when he was young and full of energy.

Once arrived, Inde, was greeted as always with great joy Elder:

"Inde! ... What a surprise! ... What brings you here to me? ... I really hope it's a warm wind, with this frosty season I do not know what to wear I wear."

Hanging on the walls entrance Luciano had several photos of Richard which he loved very much, just like a grandfather to his grandson loves. All photos were shiny, tidy and well dusted. The accuracy of Luciano was known throughout the country, as he ordered, there was no one at all.

At the sight of those pictures, Mrs. Inde Misseltwaith rubbed his eyes trying not to cry in front of Mr. Boeni but ... nothing to do, the tears flowed down his face. When he began to sob, the old port in the Luciano telling her with love:

"Up ahead, now calm down.'ll Bring you a cup of hot tea and let's talk. 'What terrible thing afflicts Mrs. Misseltwaith? ..."

"Well here ..." He replied sadly. "No-I can not find my son. I also went by the police to denounce the disappearance but I have heard! ..."

And after these words he tried to wipe his face streaked with tears.

"Richard? ... How is it possible? ..."

"It just happened! ..."

"Come on do not take it ... I know him well. Certainly will have their reasons."

"No ... No. It's all my fault.'ve Been a bad mother."

"Oh please. Anything but this. Do not worry we will try it together." He said soothingly.

Luciano still did not believe the words of Inde, it seemed absurd that the boy had run away. Although considered the woman a little 'too oppressive and suffocating at times towards the boy.

"I'll see ... I know more things than you might believe ..."

"What do you want to tell me? ..." Asked the woman who had packed the sentence was broken off.

"The is a tea? ..." Changed the subject Luciano biting her lip. He had spoken without thinking.

"Oh ... Yes, maybe! ... Thank you."

"Sit down." He invited him.

"Richard has his cell phone with him '? ..." Luciano asked as he walked to a shelf full of books.

"Yes, but does not believe that the answer is ... unattainable."

"You see that it never even entered the door of Niantic Labs ..." He mumbled Luciano.

But Inde was too busy thinking about the child to have to listen to the old man. Disconsolate sat down.

"Please, let me try, maybe the guy has his phone turned on again."

"I remember her number by heart, is 346,578,299 19.!

Luciano, secretly, typed on a small display some things and immediately headed for the kitchen.

The Lady Misseltwaith sighed, surrounded by her depression. The man, quiet, made tea.

A few minutes later Luciano returned carrying a tray with two beautiful antique teacups and a steaming teapot.

"Here, a delicious green tea Fukuyu." Luciano cultivated a passion for tea and regarded it as much more than a simple drink, almost a magic potion. "You should know that this quality is cultivated on the slopes of Mount Fuji, and there is an old story about him ..." Luciano wanted to tell a pleasant story to Mrs. Misseltwaith but looked at her and saw that she was too distressed to hear him, so he remained silent . He poured the fragrant tea in the cup and asked, calmly:

"Sugar? ..."

The Lady shooting a bit 'and looked at him.

"Thank you."

"I try to call Richard. "He said Luciano taking your mobile phone. He dialed the number and waited.

"Nothing to do. And 'switched off or unreachable. "

The Lady Misseltwaith looked down and sighed. "Where will he go?" He asked in a small voice.

The two sat in silence, sipping the excellent tea.

"Ma'am ..." Luciano said with a reassuring tone. "... Leave me a bit 'of time and see that I find him. I know many people and I ask if anyone has seen it. "Having said that stood up.

"I have to go ..." He said, Inde, standing up. "Thank you ..."

"I'll get right to look for him." Luciano assured her.

The two greeted each other and Luciano felt a deep sadness for this woman.

"We hope that Richard has not kicked in some trouble." Sighed the old man. She knew him and knew he was a good guy but life often Serbian nasty surprises around the dark corners. "If you run away from home only to stave off an anxious mother as Inge strangle him with my bare hands." He cried in the silence of the room.

While in his mind drifted thoughts and concerns, Luciano took a remote control from a shelf. After pressing a button, where the library was himself a path that led to a completely white room and lit, then a robotic voice rang out:

"Access Ingress ... Code ..."

"Ressing" said Luciano.

"Ingress ... Access Granted ... Mr. Boeni ... Get ready ... For the descent." He continued the metallic voice.

Luciano came into the light and a silent elevator took him in the basement. The ride was monotonous, as the elevator took him further and further down, then suddenly the car veered sharply bending angle.

"Lalala! ..." He hummed Mr. Boeni without worrying about those winding curves. The road was not direct and he knew that the machinery, although modern, tended to skid when cornering.

"Ingress," he repeated firmly on the metallic voice.

"We finally! ..." Luciano said that she found that path each time more tedious and time consuming. "There we are."

"Please ... Lost password ..." The voice said.

"Ressing!" He repeated annoyed man. "I'll update you my dear, are you grown old ..." I sentence referring to the entry.

"Password approved ... Access Ingress ... On."

"Ok. We are ready ... Do not worry, my boy, I'm coming."

"Computer access. 346 578 299 19. ... Sending application ... Processing Ingress activated."

"Loading application ... 40%"

"89%" the mechanical voice continued quickly.

"100% ... Done ... Application Ingress properly distributed 8,942,456,934,842 users active area Europe ..."

"Excellent." He said, smiling Mr. Boeni. "Now let's see what you can do."

The last time Richard had met his mother had been the afternoon four days earlier. They had argued.

That Mrs. Misseltwaith had spent forty minutes scold the child for a number of serious shortcomings: lack of order, the scarcity of study time to finish with hints of personal hygiene. The latter reproach had brought the boy to exasperation.

They screamed, they had exaggerated, had finally broken objects ... the guy had taken her things, her friend Cat and gone out the window with the intention of never to return.

I was away from home for the past three days. Freedom on the third day starts to become normal.

The food did not lack, my backpack was full to the brim. Yet, being away from home, sleeping in the cold city streets, everything I threw a little 'down in the dumps.

Feeling responsible for themselves, away from a slightly suffocating mother, it was a wonderful feeling. This even in total lack of comfort.

Did I miss my room, my bed, all that remained was the little kitten NineNineNine but above all I was missing grandfather.

The night on the town became cold and gloomy, I just felt more and more everyday ...

But never, ever would come back! I did not want to have contact with his mother, I would not have ever spoken, every time a fight broke out.

It was Tuesday afternoon, if I had kept always fit the bill since I escaped ... It was about four judging by the movement of the sun, I suddenly the phone rang. Strange, I was convinced it off. It was a message, a request for a game, an application called Ingress. I heard about it on the Internet, it is a kind of augmented reality, an exciting halfway between reality and fantasy.

In the middle of my thoughts if they appeared one that had nothing to do with my present:

"What I could I do with an augmented reality?! ... "

Yet, despite refuse the request, it seemed to be like a virus, the cell began to load the game even though I continue to groped to turn off the phone ... 40%, 89%, 100% ... loading completed.

I no longer had control of the phone.

The camera is turned on and a metallic voice from the phone said:

"Remember ... your code is: ressing." So said I inserted the code and the usual robotic voice continued:

"You're in a real size ... Everything you see ... What you have to do ... It is fiction ..."

"Oh but please! But who are you kidding! ..." I cursed the phone.

I tried again to turn off the phone but nothing to do ... It seemed to be possessed.

Then, just as it was on, went out.

It began to rain, it was cold. Looking up I saw a hill a kind of wooden shelter, a place of ruined that looked a lot like a woodshed into disuse.

"Cat ... Tonight we sleep indoors ..." Announce to the small NineNineNine.

"Miao ...."

As we walked up the slope, lost in my thoughts, I forgot all about the phone ...

At the same time a short code was sent to all the phones that had the application itself Ingress. To all the phones in Europe and, for safety, even in the Baltic republics and also in North Africa.

At that very moment, millions of people at that time were playing with their favorite application received a small, insignificant, Notice:

"Mission 500 AP - Accept?"

Of course 500 Action Points were coveted by many to have access to a higher level and so most of the players gladly accepted a new mission.

"Mission Code: ressing .... Purpose: Tracking player ressing and deliver messages. The message is encrypted and will be decrypted when ressing will be present in a range of 30 meters. "

At the same time it takes a person of ordinary skill to turn on the computer, started the tom-tom of the news on the Internet.

Numerous players community Ingress, questioning each other about the meaning nasconso in the Mission ressing.

Illuminati claimed that it was a plot hatched by members of the Resistance. While the Resistance denied and discussed the possibility of a double-cross by opponents.

The discussions ranged and debated with imaginative and complex theories involving aliens, secret services and higher intelligence.

Everyone was talking about, but basically, no one knew anything more than the same mission had revealed.

Only one, shy, surfer, wrote a tiny post, as a comment under one of the many photos posted on a social ... the little surfer had written, driven by a flash of lucidity:

"Ingress is only a game. Maybe someone wants to see if it can be used for different purposes. "

Of course he was ignored, submerged in the chaos of post, messages, noises ... typical of the Internet.

Then it was an oddity ...

A Father who played with Ingress along with his son, walking through the streets of a small central European country received a notice:

"Mission ressing goal ... close ... prize for message delivery to player Resssing 500 AP - Accept?"

More or less in the same half an hour he was a postman delivering mail, while playing, he received the same message.

A fisherman who had just installed Ingress while waiting for his prey abboccasse hooked received a message equal, refused not knowing what to do.

A boy was sitting in the classroom while they spent a math lesson. Nell'ovattato silence that follows a complex explanation echoed a resounding "Blip".

About two hundred people received that message ... no one talked about it on the internet because among those privileged only a dozen decided to accept the mission.

Among these only the father with his son saw appear on their phone display a radar and followed him.

Richard had settled in the hut uninhabited, had taken a bit 'of wood and had lit a fire in the fireplace. Lover of order had swept and arranged a little 'miserable room. As he did so he thought of his mother. He shrugged, still he was angry, he needed more time.

"Meow ..."

"It 's true, I'm hungry too." He confided to the kitten.

Inside the backpack still had food, pulled out a can of baked beans and a piece of cheese, a bit 'of bread in the morning and bought a tin of mackerel fillets.

The smell of mackerel waved NineNineNine who was the first to be served.

Richard arranged the food on an old table, in front of the fireplace, and began to eat, lost in thought ...

"There is no one? ..." He asks a voice from outside.

Richard had not spoken to a soul for at least two days and was strangely happy to hear someone, even if he was afraid of being kicked out of the makeshift accommodation.

"Anybody home? .." Insisted the voice of a man.

"There is no one? ..." There were two, and the second was a child.

Richard stood up and opened the door.

"I'm here? ... "He said quiet wondering if the man with the child ernao the masters of the hut.

"She is ressing? ..." The man asked.

"Ressing? .." Richard, vaguely remembered the telephone and that word. What had he said the metallic voice? ... Yes, he said: Your code is ressing.

"Excuse us, my son and I are playing a new game called Ingress and we accepted a strange quest to earn points ..." The man was a little 'hard to explain. "The game has asked us to track a player named ressing and to deliver a message."

The two phones, approaching, "bumparono .." I could not describe, did "bump" ... vibrated and cicaleggiarono.

Richard is the man that pulled them out of the pockets.

"The mine was shut down." Said Richard looking at his phone that seemed almost happy to meet a fellow.

In human cell appeared the image of a message at the start and then a big writing:

"Congratulations on Mission Accomplished: +500 AP"

Richard appeared on the cell phone the message clear and simple:

"Boy I miss you, come home." Signed Grandfather Luciano.

At that precise moment, Luciano Grandfather's cell phone vibrated and appeared a flashing message:

"Message Delivered Properly localized Player ... new ..."

"Well ..." he thought the old man "... now the next move should make the boy ..." and smiled.

Whistling happy, he took his coat, put it on and headed for the door. He had to go to calm Inde.

Out the door a little boy came up and said,

"Excuse me, she's ressing? .."

Luciano's eyes widened and a faint voice answered yes.

The two phones Bumparono .... And a message appeared on the elderly.

As the boy walked away happy for the winning points, Luciano opened his message:

"Truly an ingenious and interesting. We are confident that we will find imaginative ways to use it. Congratulations Mr. Boeni. "

Luciano smiled. "Always the same funny guys ..." he commented.

Written by Cat NineNineNine

in February 2013

 Racconto di Gatto NineNineNine - Ingress  

Tale of Gatto NineNineNine - Ingress

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