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Recipe - Charlotte with jam (special skullcap)
Written by Dad   

  Charlotte con marmellata   

Recipe ... Charlotte with jam (special skullcap) ...



  Charlotte con marmellata   

Charlotte with jam (special skullcap)



  1. Peel Gateau (follow recipe here )

  2. Custard - Crema Pasticcera (follow recipe here )

  3. Jam to taste ... I prefer the dark ones , such as cherries and blackberries ...

  4. Crumbly biscuits to taste

  5. Vin Santo  


First RULE: cleaning! ... See: How to Clean Hands




  Bucce di Gateau 

First we have to prepare the peel Gateau , or the dough to create our little Gateau . For the recipe of peels of Gateau go here . Prepare for two.

  Charlotte con marmellata Charlotte con marmellata 

We spread a layer of jam over the skins of Gateau .

  Crema Pasticcera 

Now prepare a good Custard . Follow the recipe here .

  Charlotte con marmellata 

While the cream is to the fire and take the cookies crumbly sbricioliamo them in a bowl by mixing a little ' vin santo . Finally mix with the custard .

  Charlotte con marmellata  

Now we take our little Gateau with jam and prepare many slices , many swivels . With our sympathetic swivels begin to arrange the interior of a large container , next to one another in order to obtain a uniform texture . NOTE : I am working a plastic container very soft, but like advice before I recommend to line the inside with a little ' of cellophane in order to obtain a better result at the time of posting.

  Charlotte con marmellata 

Once you have placed all the swivels Gateau , fill with pastry cream mixed with our biscuits soaked in Vin Santo . Finally, prepare a circle of peel Gateau round to close the container . Now let stand in refrigerator at least one hour . To present it upside down on a serving dish.

  Charlotte con marmellata  

Here our Charlotte to jam . As you can see the effect of swivels Gateau with jam is very nice and stuffed with Custard biscuits with Vin Santo and has an intense flavor and fragrant.

   Charlotte con marmellata e crema pasticcera 

Charlotte with jam and cream. Must try ! ...

Word of Cat ! ...




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