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Wind Energy
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

   Ricerca sull'Energia Eolica ... Ricerca sull'Energia Eolica ...  

Research on Wind Energy ...


  Pala Eolica - energia fututo ecologia  

Research on Wind Energy


Wind energy is the energy possessed by the wind.
The wind is an atmospheric phenomenon due to the heating of the Earth by the Sun
The Sun warms the Earth and it releases heat into the atmosphere received . This process , however, does not occur in a uniform manner . In areas where less heat is released to atmospheric pressure increases . In areas where more heat is transferred to the air becomes hot and the pressure decreases . This creates areas of high pressure and low pressure zones . When these areas meet, the areas of high pressure tend to transfer heat to areas of low pressure giving rise to the wind.

The man has learned to harness the kinetic energy of the time long ago. The navigation in fact dates back to 10 ˙ 000 years old , while the windmills dating back to 200 BC and since then they have spread all over the world.
In 1877 it was built in Europe the first generator for the production of electricity from energy wind power.
The main use of wind power is suitable for the production of electricity using wind turbines.
The air masses make spin the blades of a propeller , these are connected to a generator that transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
More wind turbines make up the Wind- Farm. There are Wind- Farm Wind- Farm land and built on the open sea .
In genrale the ideal location for a wind turbine is a land devoid of obstacles. The wind must reach at least 5.5 meters per second and should remain constant for most of the year .

A wind turbine in the course of his life produces about 80 times the energy used for its maintenance .

To try to hide the turbines can be colored according to the place where they are located to try to camouflage them with the environment. Another method , the most modern , plans to locate wind turbines in the sea.
The Wind- Farm in fact can be both terrestrial and marine .
The wind turbines are located at a distance of at least 5-10 times the diameter of the blades from one another.
A wind turbine occupies 2-3 % of the land needed for its construction , so the unoccupied part of the car can be used for agriculture or grazing.

The noise that comes from a wind turbine is caused by the blades and the gear-box , however, is the noise produced by them is always less than the sounds you hear in the city.

The only side effects that you have on wildlife concerning the possible impact of the birds on the rotor.

Interference on telecommunications are irrelevant, however, to avoid them you have to maintain a minimum distance between wind turbine and radio stations.

Solar irradiation of the equatorial zone is greater than that of the tropics . The hot wind of the equatorial zone , being lighter , rises and comes to tropical areas , where it cools , becoming heavier, so back towards the equator. This creates a certain regularity in the circulation of winds.
Other factors that affect the circulation of winds are :
- Unlike the heat absorption by the soil
- The Mountains can affect blocking air currents
Everything changes the normal cycle of the winds.
The wind speed also depends on the shape of the land , as already said, the mountains can slow the wind.
A modern project involves the construction of a platform at sea , which was created in order to maintain a full - Wind Farm , but such a project is still in the experimental stage .
This experiment also provides a production of aquaculture to under the platform in order to concentrate two tasks at the same time .
Wind farms can be:
- Systems for isolated users
- Systems connected to existing electrical networks
The first produces electricity for the supply of equipment and installations not connected to the public network (such as in developing countries where large areas are not served by a public mains supply). For the second type of plants we find in small scale of islands or remote areas. On an international scale are used very large wind turbines .
The largest producers of wind power are Europe and Germany. Yet still many places where the wind is frequently are not used for this purpose .
During its operation a wind turbine does not produce polluting waste when it is dismantled and the land below can be used eg for agriculture and what you prefer because it is not polluted.
Wind is a clean and renewable resource , good for the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy.


  Parti meccaniche e funzionamento di una Pala Eolica per la produzione ecologica di Energia elettrica mediante trasformaizone dell'energia meccanica in elettricità.  

Mechanical parts and operation of a wind turbine for the production of environmentally friendly electricity by converting mechanical energy into electricity.



E ' consists of a hub where the blades are fixed , the latter are often made of glass fiber.

The most modern wind turbines have three blades , less noisy than those with only two blades .



Controls the generator power and stops the rotor in case of emergency, for example in case of over -speed of the wind.



Serves to transform the slow rotation of the blades in a faster rotation , able to operate the power generator .



Transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy (Kw) .



Manages the wind turbine at work and operate the device lock security operation in case of malfunction.



Contains all components dell'aerogeneratore .



 To withstand the vibrations caused by the wind pressure , the tower is anchored to the ground with reinforced concrete foundations sunk .



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