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Connect Google Plus Profile to search results ...
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

  how to connect Google Plus profile data with the results of research ...  

(2013) News fresh, fresh ... that will tell you about my Father, which is considered more knowledgeable than me on the subject, namely: how to connect Google Plus profile data with the results of research ...


Connect Google Plus Profile to search results


After several tests it seems that Google allows you to connect Google Plus profile data with the results of research ... but being able to do it is not so trivial.

First I want to say a few words on Google Plus which in my opinion will soon surpass Facebook and most likely will mark the beginning of the time Web 3.0. I will try to explain my thinking. Not long ago, was born on Web 2.0 (when I say not long ago, in fact, thinking about how fast the technological innovations change our lives, I think it was at least a geological era before) from that moment on, the internet has started to operate in dual channel, the information you could not only see but it was also possible to participate in their training, implementation, construction, completion ... Internet has become a real forum discusisone globally.

Lately I get the feeling that the web is going to do a further update of himself, going to the Web 3.0. By volcanic Google Labs are leaking innovations that affect us on a personal level much more intensely and deeply. With the spread of Android and the success they have had tablets and smartphones now we are continuously connected and all connected by this thin thread of fate, without too many exclusions. 

Lately you've heard of Ingress ?... It is a new game from the laboratories Niantic sponsored by Google. Still in the planning stage this game engages you in a very special way to play because you can not stand still in the house, but you have to venture into the world in search of mysterious portals to conquer and evanescent energy to collect. At this time, however, I do not want to dwell on this amazing game. But the short story of Cat might be illuminating in this regard: Ingress .

Soon we will also see the new Glass, or glasses that will capture all of our experiences and we connect to the network so much more personal, following us in our daily lives.

IIn short ... I have dwelt a little 'too ... but the premise was mandatory because the instructions that will try to give aim to link your website, the research related to it and then all that you disclose, distribute or stories on the Internet with your newborn Google Plus profile, or to yourself, your life, to your contacts.

Do not linger over and move on to the instructions ...

First you have to have a Google Plus profile like that of Cat (Gatto); Google Plus profile of Gatto NineNineNine. I recommend you use an image to represent you, Google does not allow synthetic or inappropriate avatar or fantasy. This confirms my hypothesis on a web 3.0 that much closer to people.

 Come collegare il profilo Google Plus con i risultati di ricerca per far apparire icona o avatar nelle ricerche  

To connect your Google Plus profile with the results of research and bring up your icon or avatar in the searches you have to follow a specific procedure. As you can see above the icon for Google Plus Profile appears next to search results and indicates the number of your followers, or the followers. Appropriately enough I chose to write this article just reached the 9,999 th follower ...

 Come collegare il profilo Google Plus con i risultati di ricerca per far apparire icona o avatar nelle ricerche  

How do you explain directly to Google, the attribution of content to your profile Plus can happen in two main ways: via email or verification with the rel = author markup.

Let alone the two cases and then I point also other things to do ...


Verification by email: dedi have an email associated uniquely to your internet site, or an email with a suffix derived from the domain possessed. In our case, the domain is and email will

This email must be included in the email field site autorship Google that you can find HERE (Google Authorship)  and you must do while you are connected with your Plus profile.

Received the email from Google Authorship cliccherai the verification link here and you just provide Google that you are the owner of an internet domain. Plus will be automatically in your profile that you're contributor to the website.

 Come collegare il profilo Google Plus con i risultati di ricerca per far apparire icona o avatar nelle ricerche  

To verify that your email address and then your domain is associated with your internet listing can go here (Google Webmaster Tools - Instrument for Structural Test Data) where you can enter the web address of your website and notify you if your email is connected to it. As you can see from my test was confirmed ownership of an email linked to the domain. With regard to the "Name the author found automatically on the web page:" how do you see tells me "Not found". To fix this, you must have the specific page where specifically labeled:

by Gatto NineNineNine

Of course, the name should be changed to your own, it is important preposition "by".

I checked that asks is reported in Italian "di", French "par" and in Spanish "por". If you have a multilingual site should include these specific propositions.

I checked out a single page of where I put the words and in this case occurs through the Tool of Structural Test Data has finally been passed.



In the pages of your website you have to put a link to your Google Profile Plus, using the following code:

Of course you have to replace the number with your profile. Important link in the reference part ?rel = author command that identifies the owner of that profile Google Plus as the author of the page where it is placed.

  Come collegare il profilo Google Plus con i risultati di ricerca per far apparire icona o avatar nelle ricerche

Using the Google Webmaster Tools - Instrument for Structural Test Data can verify if the link just entered is recognized dl search engine. As you see in the image above should say "Yes".

 Come collegare il profilo Google Plus con i risultati di ricerca per far apparire icona o avatar nelle ricerche   

Last little tip, a particular straight, a trick I discovered by testing and reading some comments lost in the wind of the web ... Well, in addition to the link above, the one with rel = author, you must also enter an additional link which must appear in the "me", with the following structure:

<a href="" title="Google+" rel="me">

This specific link pointing to the name "me" will magically appear in the Tool of Structural Test Data extracted with a reference to the profile Google Plus honestly do not know if it actually is a good thing, however, is the search engine through its rich snippets sniffs something related to me.

I hope I was helpful.


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