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Insert Data Markup along with the code for the html of your website
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

Here is a little pearl of wisdom to improve the performance of your website ... which, of course, will speak to my Father who is much more knowledgeable than me, namely: how to insert data Markup along with the code for the html of your website to increase visibility in search engines ...



Insert Data Markup along with the code for the html of your website


Among the various information that Google indexes browsing through the pages of your website there are markers, called simply Markup, which indicate precisely some additional data to highlight in their research.

Google generally absorbs all the content of your internet page and of course does not understand the nature, will limit itself to extrapolate a small fragment according to the type of research to which it must respond. I try to explain ...

Let's say we have a small internet page consists of the following sentence:

The Hungry wolf wandered into the woods in search of a prey to eat, when, suddenly, he saw Little Red Riding Hood jumping into the path holding her basket with snacks.

Well, if your internet search is as follows: "Red Riding Hood hungry eat snack" what do we get?

Google is smart so try to settle ignoring adjectives male or female and / or verb tenses, so, most likely you will respond with something like this:

... hungry ... eat ... Little Red Riding Hood ... snack

The research is correct, but the meaning was not exactly what you are looking.

To limit this type of situation, of course, have been implemented infinite correction algorithms.

Lately Google are well regarded by the markers that allow you to pinpoint parts of your page that are important, author, time, classification ... a whole range of information that might be useful.

To facilitate these reports, you will be meeting directly through its Google Webmaster Tools.

Let's start from here:

Google Webmaster Tool to set the Markup 


From this page, we report a single link to a page on our website and we denote the first thing that kind of information is this page. For example I have selected: articles.

  Webmaster Tool assistenza Markup genera anteprima pagina internet dove selezionare le varie parti da marcare ...  

Webmaster Tool Markup displays a preview of the page. Quite simply pick the parts of the page that interest us and we will associate to a markup, or will the author, the body of the page, an extract of its particular meaning, the creation date ... will report all the information that we consider useful. As you can see on the left side will highlight the parts of our internet page and to the right you check in as a marker are associated. You can also select a meaningful image that represents the content of the page.

We select the command: Create HTML. This will generate an html code of your page where the parties are highlighted code. We will have to replace these parts in the original code of our page. In truth this is a bit 'complicated to do, so, to simplify you can do this:

  Webmaster Tool assistenza Markup genera anteprima pagina internet dove selezionare le varie parti da marcare ... Microdati JSON-LD  

Webmaster Tool generates the HTML code to be inserted in the code of our page. Of course, this code is a bit 'complicated to replace, then choose an easier way, or activate the command: Microdata and select JSON-LD. This will generate a script with synthetic data Markup. We can copy and insert it directly to the beginning of the html code of your page.

Of course the script does not affect the display of the page, but it will provide the spiders who come to visit a number of additional information that will help you understand its contents.

I hope I was helpful.


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