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Giglio Island
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

   Isola del Giglio Isola del Giglio Isola del Giglio - do not disturb Isola del Giglio  

Giglio Island ...

  Isola del Giglio - Costa Concordia Isola del Giglio - Costa Concordia Isola del Giglio - Costa Concordia Isola del Giglio - Costa Concordia 


  Costa Concordia affondata sulla costa dell'Isola del Giglio a pochi passi dal porto  

rotation Costa Concordia Giglio Island


Giglio Island


  Caletta all'Isola del Giglio  

For the love of adventure , we went for a day at Isola del Giglio, a lovely family outing . This beautiful and unspoilt island hides the fabulous coves where you go in the sun and the sea is incredibly clear and full of colorful fish. Unfortunately , lately talk of Giglio is synonymous with the unfortunate accident of the Costa Concordia . But ... tell our adventure in order ...

  Traghetto da Porto Santo Stefano all'Isola del Giglio  

Our day / adventure started in Porto Santo Stefano where we embarked towards Giglio Island with one of the many ferry connections .

  Traghetto per Isola del Giglio Traghetto per Isola del Giglio  

For about an hour we had to admire the blue sea , the blue sky and occasionally some fish darting out of the water . Too bad no dolphins ! ... We are told that many live dolphins in these waters but they show up only in the early morning , near the coast of Isola del Giglio. Maybe next time we wake up before! ...

  Gabbiano (laridae) seagull sul traghetto Gabbiano (laridae) seagull sul traghetto 

   Dolphins do not see but they have made a brave gull ( seagull ) to be carried up from the ferry and does not seem to be afraid of the tourists. We get closer and he looks at us and approaches . A child throws some crumbs of bread and he seems happy to receive so much attention .


   Costa Concordia affondata accanto al porto dell'Isola del Giglio  

Finally we come to the island of Giglio . As I said there are infinitely many wonderful places in this island , unfortunately the first thing you see is the Costa Concordia lying on its side , right next to the harbor. A sad sight . Everything was built around a huge yard work slowly and try to take away the immense iron beached whale .

    Gatto NineNineNine all'Isola del Giglio 

As I said there are Isola del Giglio wonderful places, and we want to achieve one, a small cove not far from the port to be able to relax in the sun and a swim . ( Cat NineNineNine )

   Isola del Giglio cannone a monito dei turisti - do not disturb  

Along the way we meet a cannon pointing right toward the schooner where we're headed . Whether it be a warning to us tourists? ... ( Do not Disturb )


  Nuotata nel mare 

Finally in the water! ... Cheers ! ...

  Scultura improvvisata con sassi in equilibrio precario ... street art Scultura improvvisata con sassi in equilibrio precario ... street art  

To improvise a game of those sculptures made with stones in equilibio , a sort of strett art , even art of landing . It 's funny ! ...

  Gatto NineNineNine all'Isola del Giglio  

The day passed very quickly , thoroughly enjoyed ourselves . We walk towards the ferry back to the mainland ... halfway see in the distance the Costa Concordia . Seen from this distance it looks like a big whale playing in the sea .

  Costa Concordia 

  From the port of Giglio Island you can see the Costa Concordia , appears in all its grandeur. And ' immense. From where we are we can see that next to a small red lighthouse Madonnina (Holy Mary) ; please right toward the ship , I remember all the people who have disappeared in that tragic accident.

  Cantiere attorno a Costa Concordia 

All around the ship yard work . Even in the distance you can see the sparks of torches . A large frame was attached to the side discovery . They say it will serve as a counterweight to overturn the great ship .

  Costa Concordia  

We get on the ferry back to the mainland ... we spend in front of the wreck. It reads perfectly written Costa Concordia . I am reminded of the Titanic . Impressive . Sad . It seems an impossible thing even if it is real and in front of my eyes.

  Gatto NineNineNine (Gatto999) in traghetto 

 The return crossing is quiet and peaceful , just like the first leg. As usual, look for a place outdoors to enjoy the view in peace.

  Scattiamo una foto al mare increspato al passaggio del nostro traghetto.   

We take a photo of the choppy sea to the passage of our ferry .

  Controlliamo in lontananza, purtroppo nessun delfino 

We check into the distance, unfortunately no dolphins . I was hoping to see one . For now, only a boat that sails this peaceful Mare Nostrum at full speed.

  Locale antincendio dentro il traghetto   

My Brother goes exploring and finds a small room where the suits are pinned , there is an inscription above FE and some signs that read: Brandudrustning ! ... But ! ... Hopefully we will not need it because we have not the slightest idea what they are ! ...


   Incomprensibili avvisi nautici  

In fact printed on a pylon are other explanations distressing ! ... As you can see they are not easy to read . I have a doubt : we maybe wrong ferry ? ...



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