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Anime - Soul Eater
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

 Soul Eater - Shinigami-sama

An other, incredible, anime ... Soul Eater !...


Soul Eater


 We have uncovered this new and wonderful anime… Soul Eater … but not there is from scaring itself, is a beautiful cartoon.

What to say of Soul Eater? … It narrates the adventures of some children who study to a school of called magic Shibusen. What studies? … Magic naturally! … They are prepared in order to face the forces of the evil…

The Preside of the School is… no less that…

 Soul Eater - Shinigami-sama 

Shinigami-sama (in japanese 死神様). A personage I knock much with two enormous white hands ! … Likeable and unconventional but most powerful! …

Shinigami-sama is the parody of same the Dead, in fact it has its preferred arm that is own a scythe.

The main personages of these anime are:

 Soul Eater - Maka and Soul Eater 

Maka (in japanese マカ・アルバーン) and Soul Eater (in japanese ソウル・イーター・エヴァンス) .

Maka is a scythe master and fights the forces of the evil using Soul Eater that is an arm, that has the ability to transform itself in an arm.

 Soul Eater 

Every time that a demon defeated Soul eats its damned spirit

 Soul Eater - Black Star e Tsubaki 

Their inseparable friends are  Black Star (in japanese ブラック☆スター) and its Tsubaki arm (in japanese 中務 椿).

 Soul Eater - Tsubaki 

Tsubaki is a personage much cake and is become attached to Black Star. 

Soul Eater 

An other incredible personage is Death the Kid (in japanese デス・ザ・キッド) that is the son of Shinigami-sama.

His to the right of Maka… has a character and suffers from compulsive manie… all the universe, second he, must be symmetrical… hates number 7 because it is not divided perfectly and it adores number eight because, to its judgment, it is perfect and symmetrical.

 Patty Liz 

Its crews are Liz  (in japanese リズ・トンプソン) and Patty (in japanese パティー・トンプソン) that they become two guns in a position to talking nonsense projects formed them from the spirit of Death the Kid. They are transformed also in Death Cannon, that is canons portable attacked to the arms of Death the Kid and in a position to talking nonsense of very strong blows.

 Professor Stein, Franken

The school has of the university professors ... the Professor Stein Fraken, that is Franken Stein (in japanese フランケン・シュタイン)... so strange !...

 Spirit padre di Maka 

The arm of the Professor Stein is the father of Maka, named Spirit (in japanese スピリット) also he is a scythe and is also the arm of Shinigami-sama.

The universe of Soul Eater comprises also other personages a lot characterized and simpati to us…


Excalibur as an example is… does not know what is exactly… however it is an arm, that is the myths sword excalibur… unfortunately its character makes that nobody wants to be its bearer:)

 Soul Eater's Moon

The Sun and the Moon are watching constants of the vicissitudes, silent but always present. In effects the Moon is somewhat alarming, when they happen made ugly sogghigna and its teeth macchinao of blood…

 Witch Eruka Frog 

Eruka Frog (in japanese エルカ・フロッグ) is a bad witch… but to we it remains likeable. especially when nozzle its magic and ago that back with the hands:)


Kishin is a caught bad demon in the secret of the school… that it will come successively awaken… most powerful… and fights with Shingami-sama.


However our preferred personages are Maka and Soul Eater…

 Soul Eater



Soul Eater is truly a beautiful soul! ...


I want to show a very intense piece of Soul Eater, when Maka and Soul in Kent bring their Souls (魂 の 共鳴 Tamashii no kyōmei) ... is the msuica trascianante! ...



We like a lot, so a lot that this year, to Lucca, Fratellino has been made to make wraps it of Soul Eater and it has been disguised own from he… it held in hand a red spirit of a demon and made feint to eat it! …

You want to see our adventure to Lucca? …

Click here .



You want to see our adventure to Lucca? …

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Want to see my Soul Eater toys ? ...

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