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Written by Gatto NineNineNine   
  Una persona a cui vorrei assomigliare  
A person which I would want to be similar…


A person which I would want to be similar


  Una persona a cui vorrei assomigliare  

I do not succeed to understand my calm, thoughtful personality… I would not know, but I admire a personage of the television, perhaps, indeed, probably, little of you will know, “Soul Eater ”, are a girl who is much determining, calm, if it must make a thing, ago.
But, he is only a personage of an animated cardboard and I will not be never equal to she, the only thing that I could make is to dress to me like she… but the character would remain that one every day.
I also admire me friendly Clara, sometimes.
A simple girl who ago games that can go well for all.
For this game often with she and its Elena friend.
Task that all would choose a personality if they could… perhaps or perhaps we can…, as is, in bottom, in bottom appeals to you.
You want to be Rock; enough to be angular, to dress themselves of black and having of the bracelets with the tips.
You want to be simple: features well your friends, dress you warmth of winter, fresh of summer.
Classic: tips, tutù and scignon and you go to dance… 
and thus via…
With my room they are not much former… I am making up for.
Every day dressed change! 
Hi hi hi hi hi hi!
I hold us to the appearance.
It appeals to me to have unavailable objects, own because hatred to be copied.
In fact, when some companions of class took to the equal sheath to mine not taken the much good…
Therefore to me he seems that my companion of school Viola or Rock at the same time and a playful; Clear it is timid and he deals to you well…
Short, everyone is various, because otherwise it would be an agony and everyone would want things that it does not have.
I would want a bit of courage, but sometimes creed that you you must earn.
If I were Father Born them I had many flying reindeers, but I would even have been fat.
If you had been born to Hollywood I could become famous but I would not have known my friends.
For being perfect it would serve to be mix of every person.
They are friendly of Clara and I would want to be similar to them, also because ago of the contagious smiles ones. (Tks! Tsk) 
Memory when we had made little theater and I me I made the part of Batzumaru… but it did not import which part I made, I amused myself and this was sufficient.
When I know new persons, it always appeals to me to be like they.
But the person who more than all I admire… I am!
I goes well thus as they are, I like.
Perhaps I am admired from others… I hope!
Some admire my poetries ? …
Others watch my adventures ? …
To other ago sorridere my Brother ? …
Everyone has its tastes and a various way to live.
I live of maccheroni and paste to the furnace. (Tks! Tks! Tks) also the roast rabbit is not badly (Tks! Tks! Tks)
Others live of drinks blue and crushed and Ringo…
Perhaps other anchor with pears and apples, carciofi and onions (even if after the onions make you to smell a bit, confirm it to I),
Well, then here the council of the day:
“It admires and it envies how much you want… but not to then exaggerate… Because? … You discover it! … (Tks! Tks) ”
Waited for is not ended! …
I must catch up three pages of topic at least… is tradition.
You have never tried to construct a necklace and to see which colors you wanted, in order to discover your preferred one finally?
I, and have come a necklace in wood brown, pretty, pretty!
Tasks that are ancient.
I would not know… the necklaces sometimes trick!

Written from Gatto999
to until November 2009
like task of free writing
“Somewhat introspettive…” 

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