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Christmas Greetings 09
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   
Our heartienst wishes for Merry Christmas !...



from Gatto999 & Fratellino


Here are my thoughts on Christmas ...

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

"For Christmas not be spent in a dark corner, in sadness, thinking only of the pain ... It must be passed along the way brighter, bringing joy and who has none, and happiness to those who left, hope to those who year after year lose it.

Abbracciamolo the world, then, and miglioriamolo.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

 Follow me, I'll take you under laCapanna of our Lord is born!

The first Remag will bring Joy,

second, on board the camel, bring happiness,

the third will give Love.

And us, dressed in a sack of potatoes and bring the humility of the poor.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

If you have a desire ... how would you use it? ...

To provide housing to people affected by earthquakes? ...

For the poor and for those who have lost hope? ...

 For children who do not even have water? ...

or for a wii or a PSP, a Nintendo, or maybe a camera? ...

I would ask world peace, even at Christmas, a special day.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

Have you ever told a friend:

- I'm afraid that Santa does not bring me this ... I did not gifts that ...

I tell you that at Christmas just to be in company with his family to tell funny stories before the fire lit.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

Not find a suitable gift to give to a friend? ...

Just a simple word:


tasseled along with a hug,


 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

Too many objects will fill the room? ...

The poor are people who do not have them, then their own,

will use them better than anyone else! ...

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

If you're my friend and at Christmas because you love me,

just as God created you,

Good, intelligent and sincere.

Has sent to Earth to save us, then,

Make it to become the best Nanale ever born in our hearts.

Come Jesus, we welcome Felici within us.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

 Love all as they are,

even the ugly, ignorant and evil;

Abstract enhances them with a gift:

The Ugly becomes beautiful,

The bad guy turns into Good,

the ignorant Tenerone.

 =^.^=    =^.^=   =^.^=

Do not have a Christmas tree? ...

Nothing! ...

Run by relatives and uncles and GATHER at your house,

Build a crib with paper, wood, rice and whatever you want.

Tree will be the best that ever existed ... even a crib.

 =^.*=    =^.*=   =^.*=

Merry Christmas to all ...


Gatto999 & Fratellino



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