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Dance 09 - My Fair Lady
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

  Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady 

Want to see my Essay of Dance 2009 ...

This year we have staged no less than My Fair Lady! ...


Dance Essay 2009

Musical: My Fair Lady


My passion for Dance (Classic of course) is innate! ...

When I dance I'm happy! ...


This year 2009 we staged a Musical:

My Fair Lady


I must say it was really challenging ... tests never ended.

We returned to the school many times, half full days of hard work.

GREAT ! ...


When I hear: "tired but satisfaits" I think of the days devoted to testing of Dance.


Want to see some photos of this amazing show? ...


 Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady

Here I am with my group while we perform.

Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady

Posing ...

Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady

I must say I'm a little too serious ... I need to relax a little bit more! ...

Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady

Here already is better! ...

However I assure you that I work so hard! ...

 Saggio Danza 2009 - My Fair Lady 

This is all the stage with the different groups that alternate and center my dancing teacher who plays My Fair Lady.

See me? ...

Are the second from your left =^.^=


Know the story of My Fair Lady? ...

Did not you read the book? ...

You have not even seen the movie with Audrey Hepburn? ...

NO? ..

Boys've picked bad! ...


In short

It tells the adventures of a girl, a commoner with no education, who one day meets a professor (in the case of our show a master ballet dancer) that teach.

Maybe I summarized a little too much ...



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Did you enjoy reading 

this adventure ?...

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Not to stop you to the Adventures… 

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