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Written by Gatto NineNineNine   
So, then ... in the last test I always talk about my fears ... I discovered yesterday at three o'clock, to have another ...




So, then ... in the last test I always talk about my fears ... I discovered yesterday at three o'clock, to have another.
Just when I crossed the threshold of the school I saw a hand emerge from the floor and move quickly, immediately thought:
"Well, that's my grandfather who came to me again." =^.^=
I joined him and walking quickly, we got to the car.
He reversed some parked cars but evil, oblique, it crashes.
Thirty minutes past the traffic, finally, is thinning.
On the way home the grandfather asked what had gone ... as always, I replied:
- Fine Grandpa!
Arrived at the gate of the house, we went directly to the elevator and direct the fifth floor.
Yum ... Sharpens chicken and boiled potatoes!
(You're wondering why I put in any text we always food? ... It 'just' good "!...)
Just finished I drank a glass of plain water and, saluting the grandmother, I walked to the dining table, made of glass. If you feel you shake a nice noise (annoying).
Sheet and pen in hand, I started writing some poems for Christmas. (the want to read? ... Click here.)
Meanwhile my brother was busy watching his favorite cartoon Ben 10.
My Mom, came home from work, sat down with me.
Suddenly the table began to move violently, and to make that annoying noise.
Thinking it was the Mother to move, said:
- From Mom, stop! Stop moving the table, smudge the drawing! ... Ahhh ahhh Arghhhh! ...
She said, convinced that I was I who moved the table:
- Do not ... You do not move? ...
- Do not ... me! ...
Meanwhile my brother, who was seated on a sofa ail, said:
- I feel strange ... is as if I were moving ... HELP!
The Christmas tree swayed in front of my brother.
Mom took us and we got together under the frame of a door, with the pillows over his head.
We strongly embraced.
It lasted three or four minutes.
Christmas balls that fell from the tree turned from the sun, the deafening noise of the table continued, relentless.
On TV the "looney toons" seemed to have no emotions, impassive.
The house no longer seemed safe as it was five minutes before.
The fear was spinning around.
I prayed him stop ... suddenly ... everything stopped.
The only thing was my head was still spinning.
I had been afraid to die.
Suddenly, my house became like a telephone exchange, all: friends and relatives, call:
- Are you all right? ... To us the library is waterfall! ...
- All affixed? ... My grandmother has fallen from the chair! ...
- Gattoooooo ... You okay ?!?... I have broken the windows! ...
- Have you felt the earthquake? ... We are shocked! ...
- Grandchild! ... All right? ... The center was in Umbria! ...
- Everything is OK with you? ... I'm in Florence! ...
The terror seemed to extend to Italy! ... Umbi, Florence, here with us! ...
On Facebook I wrote a friend from Lucca ... they too were shocked! ...
I'm afraid that all the movies, the Luna Park ... and go flat out with the tea ... against bad dreams! ...
Help ... How do I prevent earthquakes? ...
I do not want the end of the mouse! ...
Sometimes fate is inevitable? ... But? ...
My house is earthquake? ...
We hope that nothing happens! ...
You know that:


a normal house is rigid, when an earthquake occurs is more likely to break, a house anti-earthquake, when an earthquake happens, it oscillates up and you die a little.

Report written by Gatto999
December 16, 2009
after having experienced its first,
bad experience with an earthquake


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