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Friends of Guitar
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   
   Gli Amici di Chitarra   
This Saturday is our third lesson in guitar (my brother and I go in Sottochiesa) and we have already learned six agreements, moreover, I knew better, two friends of catechism.


Friends of Guitar


This Saturday is our third lesson in guitar (my brother and I go in Sottochiesa) and we have already learned six agreements, moreover, I knew better, two friends of catechism.
   Gli Amici di Chitarra    
Sofia, a very nice girl and pretty, simple and friendly, has blond hair, fine, fluffy and very long, always wears his purple vest and yellow shoes suitable for snow in summer always brings cenerentoline and wearing a skirt.
Mario, however, is completely different, sympathetic, but sometimes exaggerates, always kind, though in his own special way, has brown hair, blue eyes, thin and wears wool sweaters, wearing shoes similar to those of Sofia, brown.
I remember the first lezione4, when the Mistress Anna who said:
- Take the E minor.
My brother had started playing the chorus of "Blues Brothers" (the only one who knows), what sounds more or less like this:
la la la la laaaa Laaaaa
la la la la laaaa Laaaaa
A tiny girl with a guitar tiny moving the ropes, apparently at random ...
Well ... artists novice ... with a great desire to do ....
Mario, during the pause-play ball anywhere and starts pulling to throw down objects.
Well, it's a bunch a little wild ... Fortunately, our teacher, if he sees that the confusion begins, there is inflating the balloons ... Mario began to swell even here and then let the balloon fly through the air ... what ride! ...
The Mistress Anna is very patient and even solicitous, blacks have hair, short, wears glasses, a red mouth red and pale skin is thin and always has a blue scarf around his neck with silver decorations, he's young and does not lead ever skirt.
The bis-Maestra Maestra Patrizia call it but it really is learning with us, are friendly and nice, her hair is blacks, shoulder-length, has a pink mouth and skin more tanned than Anna, but not much, has blue eyes, always wears a red scarf with gold trim, she, however, always puts her skirts.
During the guitar lessons every Saturday, we enjoyed it a lot, especially during the pause-play, where we do a lot, funny games, for example: the tower of sticks, inflate balloons, volleyball, billiards, bingo, puzzles and ... Who knows what will invent the next time again ...
Story written by Gatto999
February 13, 2010

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