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Written by Fratellino   
  Bakugan - Drago Rosso Bakugan 
Want to see my Bakugan? ...




Here is my collection of Bakugan ...

  Bakugan - Drago Rosso  

The Red Dragon, my favorite! ...


A villain.

To play well you need a villain, otherwise it is not fun! ...




Bakugan - Carte Magia

I also have some Magic Card ...

I gave my father because I had a good verification of Mathematics! ...


Unfortunately I do not have many ... cost too much! ...


Want to see my other toys:

    Action Figures - Soul Eater  Action Figures Soul Eater     
    I miei Gormiti My Gormits    
    One Piece - Pirati all'Arrembaggio One Piece    
    Gundam Rx78 Gundam RX-78       
    I miei Robots My Robots    
    Dragonix Dragonix    
    I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco     

Read also the storys of my Sister

Its watches rhymes

The section visits all My Brother

You make a turn in the section fun

You live some of our adventures


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