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Connectors or Conjunctions
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   

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Sentences written by Gatto999 as homework on

Connectors or Conjunctions

While - When - Provided - Although - Even though - Why


  Connettori o Congiunzioni: Mentre - Quando - Purché - Sebbene - Anche se - Perché  

Connectors or Conjunctions

 While - When - Provided - Although - Even though - Why


I ate ice cream while I phoned my friend.
I sleep every night and dream.
Every time I peel a pear, while I take the seed, I think about how it will be sweet.
And when I drink the orange juice while I take sugar, I think it would be better as a hot chocolate.
I do homework while watching the Simpsons.

Today, when I finished my homework, eat a vanilla ice cream, with lots of cream.
Tomorrow, however, when I passed by the dentist, I'll have straight teeth.
Yesterday, when I finished my homework, I was happy, today I will not make ever.
Oddly, when riguardai tasks, I noticed that the package was spotted.
Makes perfect, but when we do not learn? ...

I will issue as long as you give me a good mark.
Mandarin as long as you eat afterwards to stop the bully me.
Stop making the bully with you if I give the results of the task.
I will do as long as you respect the promise.

Although I have finished the task, are unsure of myself.
I would like to join the bullies, though I do not trust them.
Not happy, although it should be eating ice cream.
I will continue to confuse them with Zeta, although look in the dictionary.
I love butterflies, although I do not like the caterpillars.

I am happy even if the hairdresser vomits.
I hate bullies even if you do not have with me.
I love ice cream even though there is no taste to the rice.
I eat pizza with salami, even if it is too spicy.
I play guitar but not like my friend Ilaria.

I made a cake because it was the birthday of a friend.
Bullies hit because it really does not have the courage to pick on those bigger than them.
We send the test because in America will be corrected.
I'm afraid because I think the test to fail.

Sentences written by Gatto999
early May 2010
homework on the connectors or conjunctions


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