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I would become ...
Written by Gatto NineNineNine   
   Racconto di Gatto999: Io vorrei diventare ...  
A Cat! ...
I want to become a cat, I would become when I like.


I would become ...


  Racconto di Gatto999: Io vorrei diventare ...  

A Cat! ...
I want to become a cat, I would become when I like.
A beautiful cat with a gray coat blue-eyed golden pride, thick hair, soft and smooth, clean and shiny.
Should say a kitten, but not one like many others, a magic that has many powers.
Powers provided by a diadem brooch that always keeps with him.
Of course I would be just a cat, because ... is my favorite animal.
A cat would not stay, come back if a human dogcatcher would capture me ... but this does not happen because I'd be a wild cat, mountain, jump on the stones of the stream, I would go hunting for cherries, runs along the meadows and I'd always hidden from cuddling children.
Of course I would go once every now and then, from farmers and I would give a slice of cheese.
I love to gobble cheese! ...
Always carry some nice bow on his head, playing with girls and play the monster that terrorizes the statues of children. Embody perfectly the monster toy, toy and throw down buildings mew terrorizing the inhabitants toy ...
I would pin my magic to spread joy and happiness in the air.
In truth I'm happy just as they are ... I just draw the cat to enter my fantasy world! ...
If I promise ... just imagine with two pointed ears and a tail for me as a magical cat that runs in the meadows ...

Story written by Gatto999
to April 2010

 Sorry for the dyslexic automatic translation



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