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 Oumuamua - asteroide interstellare
Oumuamua  ...  amazing interstellar asteroid in transit near us

Oumuamua - asteroide interstellare

Discovered on 19 October 2017, this asteroid was called Oumuamua, which in Hawaii language means traveler, precisely because it is a visitor coming from outside the solar system and is therefore classified as interstellar asteroid. Oumuamua is a 800-meter (800 yards or 2625 feets) and 100-inch (110 yards or 328 feets) spaceship, made of very compact and reddish metal material. Indeed, although it is a very large and interesting asteroid, the most curious thing is its elongated shape. But that's not why we look at it with interest. We are very curious about the fact that it comes from the deep space, because Oumuamua really walked so long before coming to us and it would be very, very interesting to be able to study it closely. If it had been spotted sufficiently in advance, maybe we could have sent a probe just like we did when we sent a small lander named Philae n a small comet called synthetically 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It would have been incredibly interesting to be able to send a lander on Oumuamua, he could have studied it closely, and using this space hitch, he would have accompanied him forever along the rest of his lonely and fast journey into the cosmos. Maybe he could have sent us incredible photos and data and would bring a little sign of our existence to places, as it was said in the Star Trek series, where no one ever came before.



Oumuamua - asteroide interstellare in transito nel sistema solare - animated gif

Oumuamua - interstellar asteroid in transit in the solar system - animated gif


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