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Origami cube
Written by Dad   

Origami mini cubo (mini cube origami)

 Want to see how to fold an origami to get a cube? ...


 Origami mini cubo (mini cube origami)



My father is very good with origami ...
and will explain how to create a cube of paper without cutting or pasting, but only by bending the paper.

It begins with the classic pyramid base:

[1] Cubo origami -1- Cubo origami -2- 

     Cubo origami -3- Cubo origami -4-  

     Cubo origami -5-  

Afterwards the four bases of the pyramid to the top:

 [2] Cubo origami -6- Cubo origami -7- 

      Cubo origami -8-  Cubo origami -9- 

Now fold the four corners inward side:

[3] Cubo origami -10-  Cubo origami -11- 

     Cubo origami -12- Cubo origami -13- 

 Now you need to take the four points at the top and fold down, twice each:

[4] Cubo origami -14- Cubo origami -15- 

      Cubo origami -16- Cubo origami -17- 

      Cubo origami -18- Cubo origami -19- 

The tips should be inserted folded inside the pocket of the corners folded in [3].
This must be done for all four points.
To facilitate the latter part and preferable to the fold of the two outer tips inward, as shown in the second set point [5]:

[5] Cubo origami -20- Cubo origami -21-

Now your creation should look like this:

[6] Cubo origami -22- Cubo origami -23-  

Last operation, the cutest: blow into your origami in the outer tip which is open, and here is your magic cube! ...

     Origami Cubo

It looks like an origami cube! ... Beautiful! ...


   I'm sorry for the dyslexic translation ...


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 Origami mini cubo (mini cube origami)

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